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"Gorilla Hull"

 ADVANTAGES: Exceptionally durable, and carries a lifetime warranty against impact with stumps. The warranty is automatically transferred to the new owner, it follows the Hull I.D. number of the boat. The solid color gel coat is easily matched or touched up. You can virtually fish anywhere your motor can push your boat. You can now spend your time fishing, rather than waiting for your boat to be repaired again and again. As increased knowledge and word has spread of the “Gorilla Hull” it has become an important factor in resale value.

WHAT TO EXPECT: In most cases the RPM’s will drop 1-2 hundred, but the speed will be the same or faster. We have noticed in some cases the motor will need to be lowered approx. ½ to 5/8 of an inch. This will also increase your handling and top end speed. A Rooster tail=Airborne horse power
IMPORTANT!! Use CAUTION when launching your boat!! Hull is slick! After 4-5 launchings the Teflon will wear off on the trailer bunks and you can then unhook the winch strap before backing down the ramp. Until then, KEEP THE WINCH STRAP HOOKED!
DISADVANTAGES: The boat will weigh approximately 34-38 additional pounds. Here at Toledo Fiberglass, we rarely see our customers a second time.

APPEARANCE: The outside finished appearance is similar to that of a golf ball or vinyl texture. The gel coat contains a wax solution additive to give it a smooth film and eliminate the need for waxing and polishing. The finish is somewhat similar to the finish used on the old Allison Craft racing boats. A solid matching or contrasting gel color is used in place of metal flake colors at the customer’s discretion. The “Gorilla Hull” and finish color are blended at the base of the sides, bottom of the transom, and the peak of the bow. The “Gorilla Hull” is blended back to a smooth finish at the bow to keep the finish and appearance as appealing as possible. The reason we do not finish the hull back to its original finish is simply cost. We would be building a mold each time we applied a hull if we attempted to bring each hull back to its original finish. Furthermore, we have found that the textured finish of the hull improves high speed performance by providing an air cushion between the hull and the water (similar to running on a light chop). Our purpose is to provide a reasonably economical alternative, with a lifetime warranty hull to our customers at a competitive price.

PERFORMANCE: Expect your boat to perform as well or better than it did before you got a “Gorilla Hull”. If it does not meet or exceed your expectations, please call us!!!!

GENERAL INFORMATION: We currently have over 6,000 “Gorilla Hulls” on lakes from Alaska to Florida. Most of these customers have agreed to discuss the performance and durability of their particular hull. Cost will vary from boat to boat depending on a number of factors; length, width, number of chines, and preexisting damage. Often conventional repair estimates meet or even exceed the cost of a “Gorilla Hull”. The process takes approximately 5 days to complete.

How much does a "Gorilla Hull" cost?

Every day we get several phone calls from people wanting to know the average price of a "Gorilla" for their boat. A website is intended to help answer some of your questions. Below is a list of the starting price for several different size boats. Keep in mind this price list is the STARTING price. This price does NOT include large fractures or gaping holes in the bottom of your boat. Also, note, at this time we are only able to apply the "Gorilla Hull" to fiberglass boats.
16 ft - $3,200.00
17 ft - $3,300.00
​18 ft - $3,400.00
19 ft - $3,500.00
20 ft - $3,600.00
​21 ft - $3,700.00
22 ft - $3,800.00
23 ft - $3,900.00
​24 ft - $4,200.00